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Correlation and Regression Analysis

Applications for Industrial Organizations

Ivan Stanimirovic

210 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Correlation and Regression Analysis: Applications for Industrial Organizations book discusses the important theoretical concepts such as the Amortization System Constant, French System of Price Amortization, comparative analysis of these methods and American System of Amortization which provide a basic understanding of the correlation and regression analysis. The application of these concepts to develop economic and mathematical models in e-business have been explained in detail. The theories and concepts related to mathematical design in e-business, design of organizational structure, microeconomic theory of firm, and fundamental concepts related to banks, financial transactions, and the importance of good relations during inflation have been elucidated. The presentation and analysis of data along with detailed information about macroeconomic variables, different result filters, and the relationship of the macroeconomic variables with the result variables has been described. This book provides a comprehensive understanding about the application of correlation and regression analysis in the industrial organizations.
Author Bio
Ivan Stanimirovic gained his PhD from University of Niš, Serbia in 2013. His work spans from multi-objective optimization methods to applications of generalized matrix inverses in areas such as image processing and computer graphics and visualisations. He is currently working as an Assistant professor at Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics at University of Niš on computing generalized matrix inverses and its applications.