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Social Work in Digital age

Chester Alexis C. Buama

241 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This book aims to provide readers with insights on the use of digital technologies in carrying out social work in an effective manner.. It lays some guidelines for the social workers and their expectations from them. The readers are also familiarized with Social Workers’ Code of Ethics. It throws light on the social reforms that have been brought into our society. It also takes the readers through the concept of corporate social responsibility and informs them about the characteristics of social work. The readers are familiarized with the evolution of digital age and its significance in social work. It explains the pros and cons of using the digital technology and how it enhances social workers’ career. This book encourages the readers to get involved in a social cause and work towards its achievement with the help of technology.
Author Bio
Dr. Chester Alexis C. Buama is a College Professor at Laguna State Polytechnic University under the Faculty of College of Arts and Sciences where he served as its Program Coordinator, College Research Coordinator, University Publication Adviser (Unit Head), Bay Breeze Group of Publications and Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction Quality Assurance, A Consultant of the Department of Education Central Office for Learning Assessment and National Trainer of the Commission on Higher Education for General Education Courses. He is also a member of local and international organizations: he is a Fellow and Senior Member of the Royal Institute of Management and the Royal Institute of Educators, Singapore, Reading Association of the Philippines, and International English Learners Training Institute. He was a Philippine Youth Ambassador to ASEAN countries and Japan which was sponsored by the Cabinet Office of Japan and Office of the President of the Philippines in 2010. He has a Master’s degree in Management major in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. He was conferred a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy major in Public Administration in 2016 and graduated with a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy major in Business Management in 2018. At present he is teaching Principles of Management and Organization, Good Governance and Social Responsibility, Business Communication, Macro and Micro Economics and Philippine History and Constitution. Moreover, he has actively participated in the Civic Activities of the Global Cooperation Society International, Philippine National Chapter and is often invited as resource speaker in various management, research writing, journalism and leadership seminars. Recently, he was awarded the Ambassador Seal of Excellence for Education as Research Practitioner and as 2018 Outstanding Premier College Professor and Humanitarian Service Excellence Award by the Asia Pacific Excellence Council, Inc.