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Renewable Resources and Global Challenges

Mohit Chhabra

266 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Renewable Resources and Global Challenges brings to focus of the readers the various challenges that are being faced by the resources of energy and other important things in the current world and how even the use of renewable resources is experiencing some difficulties. It gives a deep insight to the readers on the various aspects related to renewable energy resources and how they can be used to produce energy in the future. This book also discusses about the meaning of renewable resources, the various biotic and abiotic resources, the sources instrumental in renewable energy, generation of electricity from renewable energy resources, the issues related to non-renewable energy resources and the technical innovations in renewable resources sector.
Author Bio
Mohit Chhabra is an experienced professional in the power industry, having focused on power hardware in the loop and controller hardware in the loop testing, microgrid controller testing and validation, distributed energy resource integration challenges, and medium and high voltage short circuit testing. Mohit has Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Science, and Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering.