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Food Processing, Biochemistry and Agriculture

Sara Diana Garduno Diaz

261 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Food Processing, Biochemistry and Agriculture discusses the basics of the food processing industry such as the importance and history of the food processing sector. The role of agriculture in production of food, basic principles of the food processing industry, production and processing of food crops have been elucidated. The production and processing of dry cereals, legumes, livestock products, soft and natural beverages were explained in this book. The factors that can affect the food processing industry and the emerging issues in the food processing and production are discussed in this book.
Author Bio
Dr. Sara D. Garduño-Diaz has a background in nutrition with a PhD in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. She has further specialized in Sports Nutrition with the International Olympics Committee, Switzerland. Dr. Sara has worked as Research Fellow for several EU-funded research projects and was awarded research grants from CONACYT (Mexico) and the BBSRC (UK). She is currently Senior Nutrition Consultant at Your Choice Nutrition in Kuwait, where she has been working on functional nutrition and wellness since 2014.