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Managing Global Organizations

Maleehah Gull

245 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Global organization is an organization which transcends borders and operates in multiple countries. There are various factors in the global economy which has an impact on them. This book explains the concept of global organizations. The second chapter talks about its role in the globalized world. The book then discusses the history of global organizations. It also describes the meaning of global economy since global organizations operate in their context. The chapter then elucidates the types of global organizations. The book then explains in detail the functions of global organizations. Finally, the challenges of global organization are discussed.
Author Bio
Maleehah Gull obtained her Masters in Business Administration in Management Information System and Master of Science Degree in Project Management from University of Malaya. She served as lecturer for two years and Currently, pursuing her PhD in Management Science from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.