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Internet and the Human communication

Christina Kalaidzhieva

251 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Internet and The Human Communication makes the readers aware with the various developments in the field of internet and how it has affected the communication processes among the humans impacting the speed and accuracy of communication in a major way. This book also discusses about History of internet, The theories of online communication, Cyber habitats and hedonism, The social cognitive theory related to the internet, Psychological implications of the internet, The online language and Friends on the internet and the influence of internet across the world.
Author Bio
Christina Kalaidzhieva has acquired a degree in Applied Linguistics in 2011 from South-West University, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria and ever since has been involved in a variety of projects directly and indirectly related to Linguistics. She has authored a book called “Semiotic Principles & Human Communication” and has worked independently on projects involving Social Semiotics, Linguistics, Psycholinguistics. Christina is currently working on a third book and obtaining an additional qualification in Psychology.