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Carbon Foot-print of Industrial Nation and climate change

Quan Cui

265 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Carbon Foot-print of Industrial Nation and Climate Change is a book that introduces the carbon foot-print of industrial nation and climate change. This book comprises topics including historical responsibility for climate change, measuring carbon foot-prints of direct as well as indirect emissions, which further covers the top countries and bottom countries who do such kind of measurement, and industrial energy efficiency and climate change. This book also aims to discuss the latest trends going on in the energy and emissions in 2018 and industries which account for most carbon dioxide release. Further description is provided in this book related to topics like climate change and tourism and the policy responses to climate change. There are a lot of companies which are responsible for reducing carbon foot-prints and they are sited in this book. The insights related to challenges and future aspects have been provided to the readers with the help of this book.
Author Bio
Quan Cui obtained her PhD from Beijing Normal University in 2015. She worked as environmental impact assessment engineer for years. Aiming at linking science to policy, her study interest spans from ecosystem modelling to water resources management. She published peer-reviewed articles about using machine learning models in inflow forecasting, CO2 management and watershed ecosystem health assessment.