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Business Informatics

Jonah C. Pardillo

280 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Business Informatics informs the readers about the various aspects of the business and the branch of informatics related to it, which shapes up the business in the present times and determines the degree to which the businesses will prosper and be successful. This book also discusses about the strategies of the businesses and their objectives, the role of social media in business informatics, the field of document engineering and data analysis, models for document implementation, the analysis and modelling in businesses and change and management in the businesses. It gives the basic insights to the readers on the role of business informatics in the current businesses and the way the various platforms and technology can help the business people with their businesses.
Author Bio
Jonah is Master of Business Admisnistration from the University of the East, Manila Philippines. She’s an Entrepreneur and hands-on with her own business for more than 10 years and has over 4 years of experience in teaching in several universities and colleges for Economics, Financial Management, Marketing, Management, Human Resource Management and Strategic Management. Currently she’s a Course Content Developer and a mentor for the first Online University in the Philippine. She has designed and developed business subjects such as: Management Accounting (for Graduate Studies); Math of Investment, Economics, and Marketing Management (for undergrad); Fundamentals of Accounting and Organizational Management (for SHS).