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Path Integral Approach in Theoretical Physics

Harinirina Randrianarisoa

340 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Path Integral Approach in Theoretical Physics talks about the path integral approaches involved in the field of theoretical physics. It includes pure functions, elliptic feynman integrals, multi-regge kinematics and the scattering equations. This book also discusses about l-functions for meromorphic modular forms and sum rules in conformal field theory, application of path integral for multi-field inflation, variational path-integral approach to back-reactions of composite mesons in the nambu–jona-lasinio model, dual representation for the generating functional of the feynman path-integral and boundary integral method for modelling vibroacoustic energy distributions in uncertain built up structures.
Author Bio
Hari Randrianarisoa obtained is Ph.D from Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (IEMN) of the University of Science and Technology – Lille (France). His thesis focused for designing and manufacturing of thermal micro sensors. His interests span from on renewable energy especially solar energy. He has a strong knowledge in technology transfer field. He is currently working as a Business advisor for economic development organization in Québec City and as a consultant Scientist advisor.