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Physical Education and Development

Emelyn Cereno Wagan

249 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Physical Education And Development informs the readers about the various ways in which the physical education helps the people to develop themselves and their personalities in good ways and relates the importance of physical education in their lives. This book also discusses about the meaning of physical education, the history of physical education, the relation of physical education to the development of people, the issues in physical education, the use of digital technology in physical education and future of physical education. It give the readers all the necessary reasons that they need to promote physical education and explain them the importance and significance of physical education for the development.
Author Bio
Dr. Emelyn Cereno Wagan obtained her Doctorate Degree major in Educational Management at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Professor and lecturer at Laguna State Polytechnic University, Graduate Studies and Applied Research; Program Coordinator of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Former Campus Director, LSPU Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines. Former Principal, LSPU Los Banos Laboratory High School. She has written several Education Textbooks for college and senior high school students. Awarded by Asia Pacific Region: “Outstanding Trusted Premier Asian Achiever in Professional Higher Education 2018” ISO 9001-2008 Internal Quality Auditor. Leutenant Colonel, Reservist, Philippine Army. Thesis adviser, consultant, and resource speaker in various educational training and development. She has also been involved in professional, civic, and cultural organizations.