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Applications of Graph Theory

Ivan Stanimirovic

236 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Applications of Graph Theory gives an introduction on the subject of graph theory and the applications related to it. It explains the various computational complexities and the methodologies to solve the problems using NP/P graphs. Also discussed in the book are the theoretical applications of the graphs, the role of graphs in education, the application of graph theory in the recognition of language and the various special classes into which graphs and its applications are classified. The book also gives some conclusive remarks on the subject.
Author Bio
Ivan Stanimirovic gained his PhD from University of Niš, Serbia in 2013. His work spans from multi-objective optimization methods to applications of generalized matrix inverses in areas such as image processing and computer graphics and visualisations. He is currently working as an Assistant professor at Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics at University of Niš on computing generalized matrix inverses and its applications.