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The Police and International Human Rights Law

Marko Nikolic

391 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The Police and International Human Rights Law examines variousInternational Human Rights Law along with laws relatedto the police. It highlights the limitations required for the useof force in Law Enforcement, Human Rights indicators and thesovereignty of technique, Human Rights violations and mentalillness implications for engagement and adherence. Provides thereader with insights into the reports of police beating and associated harms amongpeople who inject drugs in Bangkok, Thailand, so as to understand that in what waysa common man could protect himself from those generals violating laws which theyshould be adhered to at first place.
Author Bio
Marko obtained his Master’s degree from University of Belgrade - Faculty of Law in 2014. He specializedin Criminal Law, Family Law and Environmental Law. He spent his Master year studying aboutinternational child abduction. He is currently employed in Ministry of Defense’s Legal Department.