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Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

Margaret F. Bello

289 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Economic development can be adopted only when women entrepreneursis empowered. Developing entrepreneurial skillsamong women will be a good approach for women empowermentand this would elevate social status of women. This bookpresents comprehensive theory and practices for overcomingthe major problems encountered by the women entrepreneurs;thereby stimulate the healthy growth of entrepreneurship. Thisbook will be important supplementary reading on entrepreneurship,small business management and women’s/gender studies courses.
Author Bio
Margaret F. Bello is pursuing PhD in Development Management with major in Educational Administrationwith a grant funded by the Commission on Higher Education from the Philippines. She has amaster’s Degree in engineering education major in Information Communications Technology and abachelor’s Degree in management information systems and Diploma in Medical Transcription. She hasworked in the field of education for almost 8 years as Department head of the Computing Studies. As aresearcher, she successfully developed and aided in the implementation of programs with advocaciespromoting the welfare of women and children through technology.