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Non-Orthodox Economics and their social and environmental drivers

Gabrielle Harris

369 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Non-Orthodox Economics and their social and environmentaldrivers studies various aspects of non-orthodox economicsexplaining in detail the general theory of employment, interestand money. It includes the historical evaluation of industrialrevolution and the rise of cities which got highly influencedby industrialization. Provide the reader with a comprehensiveoverview of the latest work on economic theory which helps inunderstanding different mixed methods of mainstream economics, exploring the neweconomic directions and paradigms that are required to respond to this crisis.
Author Bio
Gabrielle Harris was born in the 1950s but is striving to stay current in the 21st century. She has spentalmost a lifetime working and gathering information about economic systems and alternative models inmany countries and political systems, from Conservative Party England in the 1970s to Communist Chinain the early 1980s. Gabrielle has done a wide spectrum of work from building corporate wealth to directinvestment, working in poverty alleviation and financial inclusion, through to being an entrepreneur andrunning consulting companies to bridge across cultures and economic systems. With such a varied background,it is hard for her to believe in any given orthodoxy or perhaps even a single hard and fast truth.