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Counselling Adolescents

Sandy Jessie Lynn Balela Leobrera

272 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Counselling adolescents examines various aspects of understandingadolescents including an extensive overview of adolescentsas young persons and related theories. It includes definitions of counseling, proactive counseling and adolescentcounseling. Provides the reader with insights into the developmentof understanding of counseling, so as to understand the adolescentsmind, motivations, arguments, backgrounds and whysome young individuals necessitate counseling.
Author Bio
Sandy Jessie Lynn Balela Leobrera, a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English inUnion College of Laguna. She finished her Masters of Arts in Teaching English at Laguna State PolytechnicUniversity, Siniloan, Laguna. She is presently a faculty member of the College of Teachers Educationteaching Grammar and Language and Literature. She is also the Director of Scholarship and FinancialAssistance in LSPU System. Currently, she is taking up her Doctors of Philosophy major in EducationalLeadership and Management at the Laguna State Polytechnic University, Siniloan, Laguna.