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Research Methodology in Arts, Science and Humanities

Surbhi Jain

248 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Research Methodology in Arts, Science and Humanities examines various aspects of research methodologies required in thefield of arts, science and humanities. The book is divided intothree different parts where the first part is dedicated towards theresearch methodologies used in the field of arts, following withthe methodologies used in the field of science and humanitiesas part II and Part III respectively. Provides the reader with theinsights into the three different field and the methodologies requiredto know more about the three.
Author Bio
Dr Surbhi Jain is the head of Academics at Regenesys Institute of Management. She has a PhD (management)and an MBA (Marketing and HR). She has over 10 years of experience. She reads voraciouslyand writes eclectically. She has published a book on Business communication and that is now aprescribed textbook for Mumbai university management course. She is currently authoring a book onChange management. This is in addition to 4 international research papers and 3 international casestudies that she has published within the last 4 years. She has supervised 137 MBA students over thelast 10 years for their research dissertations and 6 students are writing their doctoral thesis under herguidance. She believes in encouraging young individuals to see the beauty and potential that is withinthem and encouraging deep love and respect for others and the environment.