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Education Related to Economic Growth and Employment

Sirithida Wannachai

257 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Education Related to Economic Growth and Employment examines various aspects in relation to economic growth and employmenteducation. This includes definitions of economic growth,employment and human capital. Additionally, this comprisescases of United States and Philippines together with comparativeanalysis of developed and developing countries to widenthe understanding of this topic. Provides the reader with insightsinto the development of understanding education in relation to economic growth andemployment, so as to understand the importance of education for growth of economy.
Author Bio
Sirithida Wannachai is a freelance English language teacher for a tutor institution in Thailand and a freelanceresearcher for international companies. She has worked with many international companies infield of Marketing and Research. She has Master’s Degree in International Economics from Institution ofNational and Development Administration (NIDA) and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administrationmajoring Marketing from Thammasat University.