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Principles of Epigenetics

Vikas Mishra

381 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Principles of Epigenetics examines various dimensions of epigeneticsand its relationship with the human diseases. It includesthree different parts, where part 1 deals with Epigenetics in Humandiseases, part II talks about Yeast Epigenetics and part IIIhighlights plant epigenetics. Provide the reader with the insightsinto the development of epigenetics, so as to understand theimportance and role of epigenetics in various human and fataldisorders or diseases.
Author Bio
Vikas obtained his Ph.D. from King George’s Medical University, India in2010. His interests span from bio-resources, fermentation technologytomedical virology and neuroscience research. He is currently working as aresearch associate at the University of British Columbia.