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Tools and Applications in Gene Therapy

Valeria Severino

364 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Tools and Applications in Gene Therapy, will offer a detaileddescription of gene therapy, its progress and predictions alongwith the advances in non-viral DNA Vectors for Gene Therapy.Various gene delivery technologies are also provided to offer thereaders with an innovative and efficient Genome Editing. Provides reader with a systematic account of the many aspects ofnanotechnology mediated gene therapy and follows with applicationsin in vitro and in vivo models.
Author Bio
Valeria Severino obtained her PhD in Biological Processes and Biomolecules from the Second Universityof Naples in 2009. Her scientific interests concern the structural and functional characterization ofproteins and peptides by using biochemical approaches. Fields of expertise comprises food chemistry,cellular biology, natural products and related applications. She published more than 40 papers on internationalpeer-reviewed journals.