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Advances and applications of Immobilization

Jaspreet Banga

421 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Advances and applications of Immobilization discusses theimprovements and areas of applications of Immobilization arediscussed in detail. Immobilization has numerous applicationsthat are discussed in detail like optimization of enzyme immobilizationon magnetic microparticles, immobilization of cellulaseon a functional inorganic–organic hybrid support, activity andstability of trypsin, printable enzyme-embedded materials, recentadvances in carbon nanotube-based enzymatic fuel cells, enhanced stability ofα-amylase via immobilization. The book is a complete guide for anyone who is interestedin studying advances and applications of Immobilization.
Author Bio
Jaspreet Banga has completed PhD from Central Drug Research Institute, India and Master of Technologyfrom Indian Institute of Technology. Jaspreet’s interests range from Drug development, Purification,Fermentation technology, Plant Biotechnology and Oncology.