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Production of Plant based bioactive compounds

Jaspreet Banga

371 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Production of Plant based bioactive compounds examines various aspects of bioactive compounds required for the productionof plant. It includes two important parts, where the first partdeals with those Bioactive Compounds which have been extractedfrom the Marine Plants and the second part deals with theBioactive Compounds from Plants to Drug Development. Providethe reader with the insights into the compounds that are required for the productionof plants, so as to analyze various chemical properties of various components throughan approach known as metabolomics approach.
Author Bio
Jaspreet Banga has completed PhD from Central Drug Research Institute, India and Master of Technologyfrom Indian Institute of Technology. Jaspreet’s interests range from Drug development, Purification,Fermentation technology, Plant Biotechnology and Oncology.