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Proteomics in Biomarker Identification

Mohamed A. Selmy

322 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Proteomics in Biomarker Identification examines various aspects of biomarker identification along with the challenges facedduring the entire processing. It includes the meaning of biomarkers,proteomics ad techniques required for biomarker identification.Provide the reader with the insights into the developmentof proteomics in different field of biology, so as to understand thefuture of proteomics and biomarkers.
Author Bio
Mohamed Selmy is a physician scientist and lecturer of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.He received his medical degree in 2004 from the faculty of medicine Suez Canal University in Egypt.He received his scientific training through many fellowships in United States, Spain and Italy. He receivedhis PhD in Medical Biochemistry and Cancer biology in 2017 from the faculty of medicine SuezCanal University in Egypt. His fields of expertise comprises; cancer biology, cell signaling and molecularmedicine. His work is continuously published in international peer reviewed journals.