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Advancements in Nanoplasmonics Research

Dharani Sabba

298 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Advancements in Nano plasmonics Research describes every aspect of Complex-Morphologyand Metal-Based Nanostructures including the fabrication, characterizationand applications. Plasmonic structures inspired by nature and their influence on sensingcapabilities due to structural characteristics are examined in great detail. Further,Numerical Study of Plasmonic Efficiency of Gold Nano stripes for Molecule Detectionalong with Modified TiO2 films with the help of Au Nanoclusters as Self-Cleaning Surfacesis examined to deepen the study. At last, the future and origin of Plasmonic opticshas been explained.
Author Bio
Dharani Sabba worked as a Research Fellow in Energy Research Instituteof Nanyang Technological University (ERI@N), Singapore, on investigatingnovel semiconductor and photoactive materials for opto-electronic applications.She also obtained her Ph.D in Materials Science from NanyangTechnological University. Her research interests encompass developmentand synthesis of novel nanomaterials, investigation of their properties andtheir application in renewable energy sector.