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Essentials and Advances in Geochemistry of Natural Waters

Maria Emilova Velinova

448 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Essentials and advances in geochemistry of natural waters, examines various aspects of geochemistry in context of natural waters with increased focus on Asia, America,Africa and Europe. It includes definitions of hydrogeochemical processes, equilibrium ofground water etc, provides the reader with insights into the development of its history, soas to understand the necessities and innovations in geochemistry of natural waters. It isan overall comprehension of advancements in geochemistry of natural waters.
Author Bio
Maria Velinova is Ph.D. holder in Quantum chemistry at the University ofSofia since April 2012. Her major research experience is in the field of ComputationalChemistry, especially in statistical mechanics methods applied todifferent sorts of biomolecules. Member of the Laboratory of Quantum andComputational Chemistry at the University of Sofia.