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Internet of Things

Zoran Gacovski

402 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Internet of things considers various aspects of Internet Systems including an extensiveoverview of internet, distributed systems and related issues. The text has been dividedinto four categories, hardware and Networking aspects, Architectures and Methods,Security Aspects and Application scenarios. It provides the reader with insights into thedevelopment of its history, so as to understand the Application of Internet of Things inUrban Waterlogging Prevention Management System, Internet of Things Business Models,Supply and Demand Oriented Energy Management in the Internet of Things, HybridSecurity Techniques for Internet of Things Healthcare Applications.
Author Bio
Dr. Zoran Gacovski has earned his PhD degree at Faculty of Electrical engineering,Skopje. He has published over 50 journal and conference papers,and he has been reviewer of renowned Journals and awarded by Fulbrightpostdoctoral fellowship (2002) for research stay at Rutgers University,also USA best-paper award at the Baltic Olympiad for Automation control(2002). Currently, he is a professor in Computer Engineering at EuropeanUniversity, Skopje, Macedonia.