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Software Services for e-Business

Gerard Prudhomme

256 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Software services for e-Business examines various aspects of software services prevalentin e-business with an extensive information on various e-business solutions. It includes the meaning of e-business software, M-commerce, communication media, descriptionof various intangible region of e-business, procedure to use World Wide Web and advantagesof e-business. The book provides the reader with the insights into the world ofe-commerce and m-commerce, so as to understand the advantages of Electronic Commerceand determine the Multitude of Online Shopping Sites along with various productpolicies.
Author Bio
Gerard I. Prudhomme has a graduate degree (M.S.) for Computer Sciencefrom University College London (UCL). He has also worked as a softwareprogrammer and tech writer for different Fortune 500 companies, andstudied at UCL, Harvard, and Oxford.