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Media Reporting and Racism based Crime

Marko Nikolić

415 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Media Reporting and Racism based Crime considers various aspects of media reporting and racism based crime including an extensive overview of media reporting and racism based crime and related issues. it includes Alt-right White Lite: trolling, hate speech and cyber racism on social media, Aussie humor racism? Hey, it’s Saturday and the denial of racism in online responses to news media articles, Social Media Conflict: Platforms for Racial Vilification, or Acts of Provocation and Citizenship? Provides the reader with insights into the development of its history, so as to understand the Criminalization of Ethnic Groups: An Issue for Media Analysis, Sexual Violence, Race and Media (In)Visibility: Intersectional Complexities in a Transnational Frame.
Author Bio
Marko obtained his Master’s degree from University of Belgrade - Faculty of Law in 2014. He specialized in Criminal Law, Family Law and Environmental Law. He spent his Master year studying about international child abduction. He is currently employed in Ministry of Defense’s Legal Department.