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Food Industry: Processes and Technologies

Patrícia Alexandra Batista Branco

256 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Food Industry: Processes and Technologies examines various processes and technologies in relation with food industry including an extensive overview of major food industries together with food innovations. It includes definition of packaging, handling, food procedures etc. Also provided is the brief about environmental problems that are linked with processing of food. Provides the reader with insights into the development of its history, so as to understand the theoretical perspective of food technologies as well as processing techniques and why some techniques are not sustainable.
Author Bio
Patricia Alexandra Batista Branco has received her PhD in Food Engineering from Higher Institute of Agronomy, Lisbon, Portugal and Masters’ in Molecular Biology in Health from Egas Moniz School of Health, Portugal. She is an active researcher with many years of experience and has published research papers with reputed Journals.