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Building Corporate Libraries

Romesh Chander

290 pages
Arcler Education Inc
In current years, corporate libraries have confronted both downsizing and outsourcing, placing them on the front of changes to library structure and opposing them with a need to prove their worth, notwithstanding the fact that studies show higher-performing companies are more likely to have a corporate library. This book explores the core elements of an ideal corporate information center and how they compare and contrast with those of an academic library. The book also provides insight into librarians' skill sets and ideas for communicating information management tools and services.
Author Bio
Romesh Chander is an Assistant Librarian at Central Univeristy of Jammu, India. He has published research papers in field of Library and Information Science. His research areas include Information and Knowledge Management, Digital Library, Institutional Repository, Open Source Software for Libraries, E-Learning, ICT applications in LIS. He is also a lifetime member of Indian Library Association