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Medicinal Plants Biotechnology

Zeb Saddique

267 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Medicinal Plants Biotechnology considers various aspects of Medicinal Plants Biotechnology including an extensive historical overview of Medicinal Plants Biotechnology and related issues. It includes definitions of Medicinal plant biotechnology: trends and challenges, Biotechnological techniques for in vitro regeneration of medicinal plants, Genetic transformation of medicinal plants: direct gene transfer, Elicitation: An efficient tool for in vitro secondary metabolite production. Provides the reader with insights into the development of its history, so as to understand Biotechnological production of Hypericum perforatum hyperforins and hypericins and Catharanthus roseus alkaloids.
Author Bio
Dr. Zeb Saddiqe is a Professor of Botany and a member of Academic Council at Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, the largest women university in Pakistan. She did her PhD in the field of Phy­tochemistry. She has a number of research publications to her credit. Prof. Zeb Saddiqe is also a member of Editorial Board and reviewer for many International research Journals. She has received Research Pro­ductivity Award from Pakistan Council for Science and Technology and her name has been added in the Directory of Productive Scientists of Pakistan. She has also received the award of Outstanding Scientists/ Researchers of Lahore College for Women University for her contribution towards research.