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Critical Religious Education : Transforming Teaching and Learning

Emelyn Cereno Wagan

264 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Consider our ancestors, moving from lands, east of the Sea of Galilee, bringing with them the knowledge that the trusty cave, still the home of man in 9840 B.C.E., can, and should be improved upon. And so the legend is recorded that a woman and her son, hailing from the east of the River Jordan, demonstrated their wisdom to those still living in caves. Heavy rocks were hauled for a circular wall, then slender tree trunks and reeds were dragged to form the roof ….. And man moved out of the cave; forevermore man placed his dwellings wherever he wanted them.Today’s architects of buildings that reach the dizzy heights where eagles dare, respectfully acknowledge the building inspiration of those who had gone before them. So it is with the building blocks of Religious Education and the study of History.This book is dedicated to those who, for the rest of their lives, will continue to study the inseparable disciplines of Religious Studies and History, imparting knowledge of the truth of horrific religious intolerance to younger generations. May we never again repeat the same mistakes?
Author Bio
Emelyn Cereno Wagan, is Director, Principal of Laboratory High School at the Laguna State Polytechnic University, Philippines. She also handled supervisory position as Campus Director and has a wide knowledge of current practice in teaching, learning and assessment in Secondary Schools and collaborated with colleagues both in Education and Management. She was in the academe for more than 20 years. She has written several books such as; Early Childhood Special Education, Big Data in Education, Critical Religious Education: Transforming Teaching and Learning and Advance Teaching Methods and Curriculum.