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Atmospheric Impacts of the Oil and Gas Industry

Anjanette S. Tadena

246 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Oil and gas are important sources of energy in the world today. However, they are also some of the largest sources of pollution in the world. This e-book has been compiled for readers to be familiar in the oil and gas production and supply. The book explores the impact of oil and gas to the atmospheric pollution in the world. It covers the overview of the processes, facilities, and equipment that are used in oil and gas production and supply processes. The book covers various forms of pollution from the use of oil and gas and also looks at the solutions for these issuesThis e-book is very informative. Nevertheless, it is by no means a complete description of oil and gas production and supply processes. This e-book has been created from various online resources and it is a guide to any reader who has interest in oil and gas industry. The photos, graphics, and references in this e-book have been used to enlighten the readers in getting a vivid description of various oil and gas production processes, sources of pollution and important means of monitoring and curbing the pollution.
Author Bio
Anjanette obtained her degree from the University of the Philippines. She is also working on her Master's Degree in Environmental Science Specializing in Environmental Toxicity. Her fascination outside work are astrophotography and traveling. She is currently working as a Research Fellow at the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards - Department of Agriculture, Philippines.