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Applying Second Language Research to Classroom Teaching

Rowela S. Basa

257 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This book “Second language acquisition and learning” is a book that will help audiences to understand the language which is not the native language of the person. The process of writing the book is done through web research and by experts of pedagogy, classroom teachers, and a group of educationists.Speaking in one’s native tongue is easy because they listen to it from their birth. Speaking becomes easy as one understands and communicates it from birth. But acquiring a Second Language is different. It is a long and time-consuming task. It includes several stages to acquire the target second language.To express one’s need, ideas, and emotions, one uses signs and symbols as languages spoken all around the world. At first, a baby speaks in his or her mother tongue. After that, the language he or she learns is known as second language or L2. Learning any additional language besides the native language is known as second language.Children can learn faster than adults and can communicate through the second language. As the focus is on the second language, the book will provide opportunities to readers to increase the interest in the second language and to maximize the use second languages inside the classroom.Language learning and language acquisition are two different concepts. Language learning is a type of formal learning in the classroom whereas language acquisition means acquiring a language with little or no formal training. If a person goes to a foreign country, he or she can acquire the language to express himself or herself.A second language can be acquired anytime. It can be introduced by speakers of the foreign language or can be introduced only as a part of the curriculum in school. There are several things to consider while learning a second language and these include the language spoken at home as well as the willingness of the learners. It is seen that pictures, comments and listening to active vocabulary is very effective. The second language acquisition and learning is a process of understanding, speaking and learning another language (apart from the native language) fluently. The ability to communicate in a second language is becoming an essential skill in today’s world. This book will help readers to give an effective recourse to help to learn the second language in the classrooms as well as the surrounding environments.
Author Bio
Rowela S. Basa is Masters of Education Major in English and a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English from the University of the Assumption, Philippines. She specializes in language and literature and is currently working as a teacher in the Public Sector, Senior High School level. She is also a research enthusiast in the field of teaching, language, and literature education. More than that, she is also a freelancer editor and an online language expert in Heysphere Limited Knowledge, and she is also a Data Analyst in the Montreal Heritage Capital.