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Soil Erosion Aspects in Agriculture

Sumbal Imdad Mazhar Rafique

262 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Soil Erosion Aspects in Agriculture explains carious dimensions of agriculture sector with an extensive information on soil erosion and its aspects in agriculture sector. It includes the meaning of soil degradation, water erosion, wind erosion and factors influencing these three types of erosions. Provide the reader with an insight into the development of various resources that would help in getting rid of the problems arising from soil erosion. This would help in achieving sustainable practices for cultivation.
Author Bio
Sumbal Imdad graduated with a degree in Soil Science at the Arid Agriculture University, Pakistan. In the broad field of soil sciences, her interests focus on nutrients availability to the plant roots and their uptake in tree plants depending on the seasonal variability. Some of her works include researching and ensuring collaboration in the departmental labs related to soil science.