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Recent Developments in Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Hammad Hussain Awan

362 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This book coordinates outline and development of suitable innovation with basically essential issues of waste water and waste water treatment for human benefits. I likewise included point by point mechanism of water, waste water and its treatment along with innovative methods. Six major chapters have been included in this book related to (i) Introduction to the Wastewater, (ii) Wastewater Management, (iii) Waste water treatment, (iv) Important Parameters, (v) Classical Wastewater Treatment Technologies, (vi) Advancement in the Wastewater Treatment Technologies and (vii) Relationship of the environmental change impact on waste water. One objective I have is this book to target students understudies, designing experts, advancement specialists, government officials, and groups to assess, outline, estimate, design, develop, work, and keep up innovation that is socially, monetarily, and topographically suitable. I am under debt to numerous others researchers around the globe who have created comparable materials, particularly those centered in extraordinary detail on a specific theme and became helpful in producing this source of combined existing research and whom have been cited in this book. In like manner, toward the finish of every part I have provided list of references to enhance in-depth reading for the interested readers and researchers because it is a combination of existing researches. This book starts with the understanding of waste water and its management mechanism races towards waste water treatment and classical techniques to deal waste water and ends with the advances to deal with the waste water for human benefits. Si it provides a link for bingers and advance researchers to idealize and understand the conceptual dealing of waste water and environmental impact with reference to waste water.
Author Bio
Hammad Hussain Awan (Ph.D Student) specializes in research in field of civil engineering which encompasses various subjects including Earth­quake Research and Prediction. Key areas of interest are studying various phenomena involved in stability of different structures due to various natu­ral external forces such as earthquakes, wind, snow etc. Secondary interests also include research in evaluation of traffic safety for road infrastructure designs using different techniques such as Driving Simulator.