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Database Theory and Application

Rex Porbasas Flejoles

352 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Databases are fundamental elements of information systems. In spite of the fact that database ideas, innovation, and designs have been produced and combined in the most recent decades, numerous viewpoints are responsible for the innovative development and transformation. In connection, composing a book on this traditional but persistently advancing field is an incredible test.This book covers various areas of databases, which makes it a good material for learning the fundamentals and advanced topics. It offers an adjusted perspective of ideas, dialects/languages, and models, with solid reference to current innovation on business database management systems (DBMSs). This book is made of ten principle parts. This book is intended to clarify the standards of database administration and to acquire two fundamental abilities: how to operate a database (including the preparation of program to access the database) and how to outline its design structure. These are the essential parts of outlining and controlling a database that are required to make compelling utilization of database innovation.
Author Bio
Rex P. Flejoles is an IT Faculty member of a state university in the Philippines. He is involved in software development, research, and data analysis. He graduated Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering in 2002. Moreover, he received Master of Science in Computer Science degree in 2006. In addition, he completed the academic requirements for PhD in Science Education major in Mathematics Education. He has completed a number of research studies and served as adviser and statistician to various undergraduate research studies.