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Introduction To Algorithms

Rex Porbasas Flejoles

250 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Introduction to Algorithms considers various aspects of Introduction to Algorithms including an extensive overview of algorithms and related terms. It includes definitions of Classification of algorithms, an introduction to heuristic algorithms, types of machine learning algorithms, approximation algorithms. Provides the reader with insights into the development of its history, so as to understand the algorithms and its applications to comprehend mind, motivations, arguments, backgrounds and why some algorithms are better than others.
Author Bio
Rex P. Flejoles is an IT Faculty member of a state university in the Philippines. He is involved in software development, research, and data analysis. He graduated Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering in 2002. Moreover, he received Master of Science in Computer Science degree in 2006. In addition, he completed the academic requirements for PhD in Science Education major in Mathematics Education. He has completed a number of research studies and served as adviser and statistician to various undergraduate research studies.