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Object Oriented Programming with Java

Neha Kaul

388 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Java is a language that is very well suited to object oriented programming and design. Java applications are stand-alone applications similar to the application we develop using other object oriented languages such as C++, .Net etc. This book describes the Java language as its purpose is to teach the basics of object-oriented programming. In this book, we introduce the java language as its design is clean and easy to follow. The creators of this language took a fresh, minimalistic perspective and approach towards the design of this language. They included only useful, indispensible features and eliminated features that do not add value or are redundant. This innovative approach taken by them makes Java an easier language to learn and master and provides an edge over alternative programming languages. This language is an ideal, useful instrument to teach the fundamentals of object oriented programming and hence has been chosen for this book.This book covers the fundamentals of Java and object oriented programming and shows how well they work together. Several programming samples; tested against the latest Java version 8.0 have been provided.
Author Bio
Neha Kaul is an experienced Java consultant currently residing in Paris, France and working for one of the leading financial companies in France. She received her double Master’s Degree in Computer and Communication Networks and Information Technology from Telecom SudParis and University Paris-Saclay in 2016. She is a recipient of the prestigious Telecom Scholarship for Excellence provided by Fondation Telecom, France. She received the Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pune, India in 2011. From 2011 to 2014, she was employed as a Software Engineer with Geometric Ltd, Pune, India. Her major interests include Advanced Java frameworks, Logging Frameworks, Network Security and Data Mining.