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Forest Ecology: Past, Present and Future

Prashant Pant Pratibha Pant Prerna Pandey

261 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The authors are pleased to present a humble compilation of fundamental concepts, theories, and phenomenon in forest ecology. The book attempts to showcase a panoramic perspective integrating the old and modern methods in ecology which has shaped our understanding of the subject. The book is well supported with a number of examples, and well labelled diagrams to help build imagination of the concept in the minds of students and teachers alike. The book begins with the fundamentals of ecology, concepts related to Autecology and Synecology. The later part lays emphasis on our understanding of terrestrial forest ecosystems in India and the world, the major changes in these ecosystems, their underlying causes and possible solution which can be taken up at grassroots levels.We hope that the book shall find a great deal of popularity among students, teachers and environmental enthusiasts. We look forward to suggestions for improvement.
Author Bio
Dr. Prashant Pant, is an Assistant Professor of Botany in Dyal Singh College, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India. Currently, he is also Chief Editor of Bioinformatics Review and a co-founder/Executive Chief Editor of a Science Journal in Hindi Language “Swadeshi Vigyan” for the native language speaking com­munities.