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Sustainable Treatment and Reuse of Municipal Wastewater

Tanjina Nur

390 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Water pollution due to discharge of various lifestyle compounds from municipal wastewater has always been an important concern since it directly affects human health, pose risks to aquatic ecosystems and drinking water resources. Firstly, we discuss about the general information about treatment and reuse of Municipal wastewater. We also discuss Ultrafiltration (UF) Pilot Plant for Municipal Wastewater Reuse in Agriculture: Impact of the Operation Mode on Process Performance and Incidence and Distribution of Microfungi in a Treated Municipal Water Supply System in Sub-Tropical Australia. Then we present Full-Scale Implementation of a Vertical Membrane Bioreactor for Simultaneous Removal of Organic Matter and Nutrients from Municipal Wastewater and Assessment of Biological Kinetics in a Conventional Municipal WWTP by Means of the Oxygen Uptake Rate Method.After that we described Use of Ionizing Radiation Technology for Treating Municipal Wastewater and Dynamics of Bacterial Community Abundance and Structure in Horizontal Subsurface Flow Wetland Mesocosms Treating Municipal Wastewater. Irrigation of Castor Bean (Ricinus communis L.) and Sunflower (Helianthus annus L.) Plant Species with Municipal Wastewater Effluent: Impacts on Soil Properties and Seed Yield and Wastewater Reuse Planning in Agriculture: The Case of Aitoloakarnania, Western Greece also discussed in this book. We also described Sustainable and Innovative Solutions for Sewage Sludge Management and The Role of Transnational Municipal Networks in Transboundary Water Governance. Application of Emergy Analysis to the Sustainability Evaluation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants and Microalgae Cultivation on Anaerobic Digestate of Municipal Wastewater, Sewage Sludge and Agro-Waste are also presented.We also try to describe Electricity Recovery from Municipal Sewage Wastewater Using a Hydrogel Complex Composed of Microbially Reduced Graphene Oxide and Sludge and Impact on Water Quality of Nandoni Water Reservoir Downstream of Municipal Sewage Plants in Vhembe District, South Africa. Class 1 Integrons and the Antiseptic Resistance Gene (qacEΔ1) in Municipal and Swine Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Plants and Wastewater—Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Copper Tube Pitting in Santa Fe Municipal Water Caused by Microbial Induced Corrosion. Then, we give information about Scenario Analysis of Nutrient Removal from Municipal Wastewater by Microalgal Biofilms and Bilateral Collaboration in Municipal Water and Wastewater Services in Finland
Author Bio
Tanjina finished her PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2014 from University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Now she is working as Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Centre for Technology in Water and Wastewater (CTWW) and published about eight International journal papers with 80 citations. Her research interest is wastewater treatment technology using adsorption process.