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Carbon Management

Quan Cui

361 pages
Arcler Education Inc
It has been well established that the current methods of production, specifically of energy and various industrial processes, result in the emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to anthropogenic warming of the planet. The rate of emission and corresponding warming exceeds the capacity for adaptation without significant environmental and fiscal losses, and in some cases species extinction. This book contains studies has been drawn on how to deal with climate change, is carbon storage an effective way, greenhouse gas emission calculation method, life circle assessment of carbon production, policy design for carbon revenues, modelling of greenhouse gases emissions, et al.
Author Bio
Quan Cui obtained her PhD from Beijing Normal University in 2015. She worked as environmental impact assessment engineer for years. Aiming at linking science to policy, her study interest spans from ecosystem modelling to water resources management. She published peer-reviewed articles about using machine learning models in inflow forecasting, CO2 management and watershed ecosystem health assessment.