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Basic Principles of Human Nutrition and Nutritional Science

Leena Johnson Chacko

255 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The text gives insights into the theoretical and clinical information that could be helpful for students pursuing their carrier in dietetics, clinical nutrition and for own personal interest. It is helpful as a supporting text with other disciplines of medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, child care, dentistry. The text has given an in-depth insight into both micro as well as macro nutrients. Its functions, classification, uses, chemical structures and its clinical representation and treatment modalities are explained in details and in simple language for better understanding of the reader. The text also deals with nutrition in regards to complementary and breast feeding practices. The burden of global and underdeveloped countries in respect to malnutrition has been explained in depth in the text and also the different programmes that have been deployed in different countries to tackle this situation. Final sections of the text are delegated to the different research methodologies that have been advocated and used in the field of nutrition. The strategies used in research projects have been explained in detail.
Author Bio
Dr Leena Johnson Chacko has a background in dentistry with a post graduation in Public Health, from the University of Pune, India. She currently manages epidemiological studies in the field on maternal and child nutrition, respiratory diseases etc. She has worked as a Research Fellow in an UNICEF funded project that looked into capacity building in the field of maternal and child health and nutrition. Following this she has worked in the post of Research Associate to a project that looked in to the general health and nutritional status of children leaving in slums and squatter settlements.