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Sustainable Development for Public Administration

Adila Kokab

265 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This book examines the sustainability agenda of development as it applies to the principles and practices of public administration. This also observes the definitions and theories about sustainable development and public administration and as well as about the application of sustainable development for the public administration. This also explain the relationship of sustainable development with other disciplines or departments by focusing the public administration. The book is divided into 12 thematic chapters that include a range of topics such as: core concepts of sustainable development and public administration in which the definitions and primary concepts are illuminated. Second chapter is about principles of sustainable development which have a look on theoretical view about the principle of sustainable development, the third chapter described public administration theory and practice, then the fourth chapter is going to explain a brief look on critical issues in the sustainability agenda, and then it described the importance of people and communities, participatory frameworks, the reform agenda, capacity building, oversight, collaborative working and internationalization vs. localization. The last chapter is about to described the sustainable development for public administration in which the role of sustainable while making public policy and public administration which is also the last chapter of the book.The book is meant to be an introductory text for undergraduates who seek to incorporate issues of sustainable development into their practice of public administration. Some of the key issues raised in the book may be relevant to professionals who are already in the field and adjusting to the sustainability agenda.
Author Bio
Adila Kokab is working as an educator in Punjab Education Department. She is a former Community Based Motivator at Public Health Engineering Department, Gujrat, Pakistan. She has also worked as an Enumerator, Supervisor, and Data Editor and worked on the projects from UNICEF and Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan at the University of Gujrat. Adila Kokab also presented her services as a volunteer teacher in the less privileged countryside schools. She did her Masters in Population Sciences and has published many research articles and conference proceeding in the areas of Demography, Environment, and Economics of rural areas. Ms. Adila is also a professional writer and authored many books including Social Status of emigrant Families. She wrote for magazines and social sites on social and moral issues. She is also an Associate Member and Editor of International Consortium of Scientists and Researchers.