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Quantum Mechanics for Applied Nanotechnology

Syeda Ramsha Ali

288 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Quantum Mechanics for Applied Nanotechnology examines various aspects of quantum mechanics which are required for the development of applied Nano-technology. It includes the basic concepts of quantum mechanics, radiation, particles and waves. Provide the reader with the insights into the development of Nano-technology and its relationship with quantum mechanics, so as to understand various theories related to perturbation and 3-D analysis required for the mechanism.
Author Bio
Syeda Ramsha Ali is a Physics graduate from Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, Pakistan. Syeda is an educator and has more than 2 years of experience of teaching O’ level students of Physics and Mathematics. Currently, she is working as a scientific and technical writer for SATA Enterprise, Australia. Syeda being a researcher and a writer has contributed many review articles in the field of Physics and has a strong interest to pursue her career in condensed matter Physics.