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Tools and Techniques in Biology

Umaiyal Munusamy

300 pages
Arcler Education Inc
We regularly refer to items used in gardens as gardening tools, those used in a kitchen as utensils and those used in laboratories as apparatus. This is because tools that are used in a specific field or activity have different designations. A tool is defined as a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a function. We can usually classify a tool based on its function such as cutting and edge tools, moving tools, tools that enact chemical changes, perception tools, shaping tools, fastening tools, information and data management tools and simple machine tools. In addition, we also use to call certain tools as instrument, implement, machine and devices.What is equipment? Equipment is a set of tools used to achieve a goal. Therefore, these are the best answered differentiation between tools and equipment. According to Oxford dictionary, equipment is defined as solid things that are needed for a particular purpose or activity. Equipment can be presented as a set of tools, a number of tools or a collection of tools. A slight difference is that equipment also contains guards that we use for our safety.
Author Bio
Dr Umaiyal Munusamy is a Plant Scientist and currently working as a postdoctoral at Institute of Plantation Studies UPM. She is also an affiliate member of the Young Scientist Network (YSN) Academy Science Malaysia (ASM). Her interest is mainly in science communication, plant biotechnology, transgenic research and plant microbe interactions. Currently she is also keen into looking at sustainable agriculture processes and technologies in accordance with the climate change. Besides research, her passion in teaching continues into educating refugee children voluntarily. Committed to science communication Dr Umaiyal Munusamy Engaged in Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Festival (KLESF) 2016, had delivered talk on Introduction of Agriculture Engineering to Secondary School Student, performed Science Show at FameLab 2017 competition, coaching for contestant participating in scientific communication competition. Last but not least, her passion in writing continues through this book.