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Sustainability Assessment

Elisa Gomez Gonzalez

256 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Sustainability emerged from the need to protect and ensure our environment, our society and our economic system assumes responsibility and works to cause as little harm as possible. Sustainability as a concept stepped onto the world stage in 1992 at the World’s first Earth Summit in Rio. Since then, awareness and the application of sustainable practices have been on the rise.This book will include the background information needed to fully understand sustainability management systems and their integration into businesses. The reader will be provided with the benefits, risks and disadvantages of the different methods to assure comprehension and analytical thinking is stimulated.A simple methodology will be presented to effectively approach the integration of sustainability in all types of businesses. Case studies, practical examples and templates will be provided in each phase of the methodology, enabling the reader to assess and implement sustainability as they read along.Relevant supporting information will be provided in the end of each chapter on specific topics to take into consideration.Promoting and empowering people into incorporating sustainability is my personal mission. I strongly believe in the positive impact it provides and in the added value that it enables for all. Sustainability does not have to be complicated, expensive or unrelated to the business activity. The numerous benefits its incorporation provides to all types of companies are always worth the journey.In the end, the main goal of sustainability, in my humble opinion, is to do & use business as a force for good.
Author Bio
Elisa Gomez was born and raised in Canary Islands; her personal mission is to incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in all businesses. She strongly believes in the positive impact and added value it brings to the business itself and to all.