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Early Childhood Special Education

Emelyn Cereno Wagan

296 pages
Arcler Education Inc
When the educationists have admitted the importance of special education for individuals having special needs, there has been a lot of effort to make sure that all children should have an access to special education. As far as the early childhood education is concerned, it is one of the most important steps forward to help children with special needs, to guarantee that the children learn the skills right at the start and eventually develop these effective skills through proper guidance and help.The major reason as to why the early childhood education is encouraged is that, when the individuals are given a chance to overcome their impaired abilities in their childhood years, the chances are better that the children would be able to fight the issues back in a more efficient manner and the output can be better as compared to when they start learning in their later years.This book covers all matters and various aspects of early childhood education systems and schools. The book also covers the most important things regarding how special education is administered in various kinds of schools, what possibilities are there and how it can help children with certain disabilities and special needs through proper assessment procedures and different tactics.It also covers the distinctive ways and factors that affect the special education system and would definitely help in knowing the basics of early childhood special education essentials that may lead to further development of best practices to help children and adults acquire better learning skills through specialized systems.
Author Bio
Emelyn Cereno Wagan, is Director, Principal of Laboratory High School at the Laguna State Polytechnic University, Philippines. She also handled supervisory position as Campus Director and has a wide knowledge of current practice in teaching, learning and assessment in Secondary Schools and collaborated with colleagues both in Education and Management. She was in the academe for more than 20 years. She has written several books such as; Early Childhood Special Education, Big Data in Education, Critical Religious Education: Transforming Teaching and Learning and Advance Teaching Methods and Curriculum.