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Everything Manitoba

The Ultimate Book Lists

Christine Hanlon

216 pages
Macintyre Purcell

Everything Manitoba will take you on a wild romp across the province. From Dave Baxter's 10 Manitoba cold cases to Adam Kelly's 10 favourite Manitoba landscapes to Charles Burchill's 10 favourite Manitoba canoe routes and Joanne Kelly's 11 favourite books written by a Manitoba author ... it is all here.

From the top 10 things that make Manitoba a great place to live to the 10 most successful recording artists from Manitoba, 10 Manitoba records according to Guinness and top 10 must-have items for surviving a Manitoba winter, this is a book that wow and entertain you on every page. In addition to Chris Rutkowski's top 10 Manitoba haunts and Shanley Spence's 8 favourite stops on Manitoba's pow wow circuit, we get well-known Manitobans to weigh in on their favourite things about Manitoba. In Everything British Manitoba you'll also find lists by Ace Burpee, Mike Green, Niigaan Sinclair, Chris D. and many, many more.

If you love Manitoba (and we know that you do), you'll love Everything Manitoba. Whether you are a lifelong resident or visiting for the first time, there's no more complete book about Manitoba and no book is more fun!

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"List lovers rejoice! Those who can't resist the list will absolutely love Christine Hanlon's latest tome. Chock-full of interesting info, inspiring ideas and even obscure facts, her lists promise you an entertaining read - no matter what page you're on!" —RITA VAN LEEUWEN, Editor and Publisher of Style Manitoba