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Everything British Columbia

The Ultimate Book of Lists

Bethany Lindsay Andrew Weichel

208 pages
Macintyre Purcell

Everything British Columbia will take you on a wild romp across the province. From Lainey Lui's list of the 5 biggest celebrity scandals in BC, to crime historian Eve Lazarus's list of the 10 most bizarre murders, to chef Tojo's top 10 delicious sushi ingredients, and Stephen Hui's list of 10 long BC hikes worthy of your bucket list ... it is all here.

From 11 cities (and 1 planet) Vancouver has played in the movies to 10 facts about the Ogopogo (most of them true) to 10 gigantic BC roadside attractions, this is a book that will wow and entertain you on every page. In addition to 10 weird and wonderful BC museums to 12 crotchety quotes form legendary newspaperwoman "Ma" Murray, and 10 times Kim Campbell was delightfully candid on Twitter, we get well-known British Columbians to weigh in on their favourite things about British Columbia. In Everything British Columbia you'll also find lists by David Suzuki, Rick Hansen, Bif Naked and many, many more.

If you love British Columbia (and we know that you do), you'll love Everything British Columbia. Whether you are a lifelong resident or visiting for the first time, there's no more complete book about British Columbia and no book is more fun!

Author Bio
"Who doesn't love a good list? From the 10 WTF moments in B.C. politics, to the six B.C. riots that had nothing to do with hockey ... this is a great gift for the trivia lover in your life. A fun-to-read book that's perfect for the beach or the bathroom!" —LYNDA STEELE, CKNW talk show host