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You Might Still Be From Nova Scotia If...

Michael de Adder

132 pages
Macintyre Purcell
MICHAEL DE ADDER is back! Six years and multiple national and regional newspaper awards later, Michael de Adder is back home where he belongs. If you thought you laughed and sighed with recognition in the original, get ready for a rip roaring snorter of a treat with You Might Still Be From Nova Scotia If.... As de Adder proves again, this is a province that is proud of who it is and likes nothing better than a good laugh, especially at itself.
Author Bio
"Mike de Adder's brushwork is as inviting as that of Maud Lewis's homey and comfy pictorials, and the ideas are as catchy and memorable as anything by Andy Warhol. Mike de Adder's depictions of Bluenose life are so deft, so telling, that you have no choice but to smile, chuckle, shake your head, and then tear up in nostalgic recollection or acknowledgment of, yep, that that's the way things were—and are—if you're still from Nova Scotia." —George Elliott Clarke, seventh Parliamentary Poet Laureate (2016 and 2017)